Luke R. Ramsden

Software developer. Computer hobbyist. Lifelong student.

About Me

Software developer from the UK.


I've never quite had the confidence to finish/release anything I've worked on, but here are some of the things I have released:

Career in Health
Prototype recruitment platform aimed specifically at the British Health & Care industry. I worked on this while interning at a reasonably well established software development company from my local area, who had special expertise relating to the Health & Care industry. GitHub repository.
A basic video game made for LudumDare 28, using Java and a library called Slick2d. I made this when I was very young - I'd just turned 11. The source is lost to history. Here's an archive of the original LudumDare page - and there's also an archive of my page, where I uploaded other small games, and an archive of the blog I had at the time.