Luke R. Ramsden

Software developer. Music lover. Lifelong student.

Photo of me
Photo of me in Dec. 2020.

About Me

Full-stack software developer experienced in developing cross-platform mobile solutions.

Currently working on Youngwork, an as-yet-unreleased platform and mobile app for connecting young people with the opportunities and mentoring they need to succeed.


Here are some past things I've worked on:

TISS Mobile
A mobile information portal for a B2B business, used by sales and distribution partners all over the world, in places like South Africa and India. On the App Store.
Career in Health
Prototype recruitment platform aimed specifically at the British Health & Care industry. I worked on this while interning at a reasonably well established software development company from my local area, who had special expertise relating to the Health & Care industry. GitHub repository.
A basic video game made for LudumDare 28, using Java and a library called Slick2d. I made this when I was very young - I'd just turned 11. The source is lost to history. Here's an archive of the original LudumDare page - and there's also an archive of my page, where I uploaded other small games, and an archive of the blog I had at the time.